Emotional Rescue

Busy. Gotta keep busy so my mind stops trying to control my emotions.  I am so thankful I have the energy to tend my garden for there is where I find peace.

I have completed treatment #8.  I am halfway through the year and halfway through my treatments.  8 more to go.  6 more months.  Seems like once again the light at the end of this tunnel is so dim I can hardly see it.

Next up is my appointment with my reconstructive surgeon.  I am hoping my blood counts are good and we can schedule my surgery.  Maybe that’s why I feel depressed.  Emotional.  I feel like raggedy Anne married the bride of Frankenstein and not the least bit sexy.  Sexy?  How can I feel sexy with no eyebrows, hardly any eyelashes and stripped of my hair.  My emotions are really screwing with me.  I am trying to make the best of this journey but sometimes I feel defeated.  😞  I think I need a break from life.  No.  I need emotional rescue.

Is there nothing I can say, nothing I can do?  I’ll be your savior steadfast and true.  I’ll be your knight in shining armor coming to your emotional rescue.  🎼