Life goes on…

June 30th marked 6 months since my last treatment. Obladi!

That is something to be thankful for. And am I ever!

I continue to go every 3 months for follow up’s and blood work. 3 months will change to 6 months and so on. Then I will close this chapter of my life. I will continue to pray for all of you and your friends and relatives that have to face this dreaded disease. I will continue to post. I am here if you or anyone you know has questions. I will never forget this journey. I will never forget the love 💕 and support you have all shown me.

Obladi, Oblada, life goes on, brah

Lala, how the life goes on

Obladi, Oblada, life goes on, brah

Lala, how the life goes on

Man, I feel like a woman!

It may be a little premature, But man, I feel like a woman!  Last week I had reconstructive surgery for the second time.  Why you ask?  Because the first surgery was absolutely awful.  In my mind I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know any better.  But the more doctors that saw me, the more I knew something wasn’t right.

I had to go for a second opinion.  It was hard to trust another doctor, but after meeting him, I knew he was the right one!  I thank God that my doctors cared enough about me to suggest I get that second opinion.

🎼 Let’s go girls, come on.
I’m going out tonight, I’m feelin’ alright
Gonna let it all hang out
Want to make some noise, really raise my voice
Yeah, I want to scream and shout
No inhibitions, make no conditions
Get a little outta line
I ain’t gonna act politically correct
I only want to have a good time
The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun and feel like a woman again.  🎼     Thanks Shania.

So now you can ask me,  how do you like your new boobs?

In the middle of the night…

In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep. From the mountains of faith. To the river so deep. I must be lookin’ for something, something sacred I lost. But the river is wide, and it’s too hard to cross.

Tuesday, January 30 is my LAST treatment. At Stamford Hospital when you finish your last treatment, you get to ring a ships 🚢 bell they have on the wall. One year, every 3 weeks I have looked at that bell every time I walked into that room. I am so looking forward to ringing that bell.

In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep. Through the desert of the truth. To the river so deep. We all end in the ocean. We all start in the streams. We’re all carried along by the river of dreams.

In the middle of the day, I’ll go walking through the hall. To that bright brass bell. With emotions so deep. Looking forward to ringing, so much that I’ve missed. But I’ll ring it proud, wishing cancer didn’t exist.

I will continue to have faith, pray and take nothing for granted. 💝 I cherish all of my girls, sisters, husband, family and friends. Once again, without you all, I believe I would never have made it through this Journey.