Never give up. Ever!

Already anticipating my upcoming treatment.  Treatment #8.  Although I try not to let it show,  deep down inside, I’m afraid once again of the side effects.  I continue to have faith in God and pray that it will get easier as time goes on.

My journey has taught me that no matter what obstacle is blocking my path,  I have to find my way around it, plow through it and NEVER GIVE UP!   Stay focused, be strong, smile and remember that it could always be worse.   Every time I look at my bracelet  that I have worn since day 1, I am reminded of that.  Thank you Eric.  You have no idea how this simple band has kept me focused and strong. 😌

.  IMG_20170624_132921




Author: Juicy'sJourneyThroughCancer

Having been diagnosed with Cancer recently, not feeling great & not having worked in 6 months I decided to share my story. I've worked selling real estate for 30+ years. Kept myself busy at all times. Now I spend my days recuperating and looking forward to closing this chapter in my life. I know. I still have a ways to go, but a God willing I will get there.

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