The Juicy Truth.. Not for the faint of ❤️ Part 1

This is the last big treatment I’m supposed to have I thought I’d walk you through what my days are like.  The day of the treatment it’s pretty simple you go you sit and wait all day for the IVs (poison) to run through you then you go home.   A few days pass before it really starts to affect me then after two days you start feeling tired really, tired.  I can’t even get off the couch for a few days.  Any thing I attempt to do takes all of my strengths and lands me back on the couch.

There is such an awful taste in my mouth.  There is no way to describe it except that it’s just always so salty.   24/7.   Even when I wake in the middle of the night.  So no matter what I try eat or drink the taste of salt is there and everything taste horrible even water.   I don’t want to eat or drink anything .  My tongue and lips starts to feel numb  and my throat starts to hurt.   Then my hands start to burn and boy does that hurt.  They turn red and raw especially in between my fingers and within a few days  they’ll start to blister and peel.  Then the stomach cramps come – I feel like I’m being cooked from the inside out, day and night there’s a burning sensation.   I pray that I could sleep because that’s the only time I don’t feel the pain.  But I don’t.

Headache and  constipation followed by diarrhea.  My nose starts to run constantly which causes me to wipe it and then that starts to blister and peel.  My back starts to spasm no matter what position I try.  Nausea sets in and I just feel horrible.  Not one part of my body feels good.  Not one!   With each treatment it seems the symptoms are magnified.  It’s been 1 week since my treatment and still no relief.

My hands still burn.  My heart ❤️ even aches for the days when I’ll feel relief.  I know the light is there somewhere at the end of the tunnel, I just can’t see any sign of it.  Today is day 11 post chemo and I still feel bad.  Tip of my tongue is numb, still feel a humming in my head, and hands still hurt.  Almost there!   I give all I have to keep the faith.   Keep the faith and pray. 🙏  And never give up.  Ever.

Author: Juicy'sJourneyThroughCancer

Having been diagnosed with Cancer recently, not feeling great & not having worked in 6 months I decided to share my story. I've worked selling real estate for 30+ years. Kept myself busy at all times. Now I spend my days recuperating and looking forward to closing this chapter in my life. I know. I still have a ways to go, but a God willing I will get there.

7 thoughts on “The Juicy Truth.. Not for the faint of ❤️ Part 1”

  1. Juicy,
    You are a very special person to me and those who know you.
    All I can say is we feel for you… stay strong.
    Winston Churchill once said, when you are going through hell… keep going.
    You go girl!

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  2. So I have now read every piece in your blog… And Im saddened every time I read, and replys remain silent because my mind can’t find the words to make you feel better! It breaks my heart to know you have to feel this pain, and puts tears my eyes to have to see it! But there is no stronger person I know then you, so I keep those prayers coming, because I know God is with you each and every day! WE ALL ARE!! It will get better, I promise 🙏🏻⭐💋
    I love you mom!


  3. All I need to get me through this is the love and support everybody has shown me. That’s what keeps me positive . Thank I don’t want you or anyone else to be sad . This is life and it could always be worse . I love you Melanie.😘


  4. Joyce, thank you for sharing your journey! I know it’s not an easy one at all! I admire your strength! This post was the hardest to read knowing all that you are having to endure! And it also brings back memories as I watched Christy go through this 14 years ago! Your Mother’s comment brought me to tears, because the 2nd hardest thing besides dealing with cancer yourself is having to watch your child suffer! Sending my love and prayers! Christys favorite bible verse that got her through those difficult days was: Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!
    Love. & blessings, Lyn


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