Positive. +

It’s been 6 months since my biopsy and my head is still spinning.  Since I felt the lump and already had an appointment for my annual mammogram two weeks prior to that, the words “you have Breast Cancer” somehow did not shock me.

I promised not to let this get the best of me so I started lining up my doctors, met with specialists, told my husband, my daughters and their families, my sisters and my mom.  My support team.  My family.

I had a plan.  I wanted to have my double mastectomy, and be on the road to recovery before I told anyone else.  No offense but I did not want to hear anyone’s opinion on what doctors to see, hospital to use etc.  especially horror stories about someone I did not know.

Positive I say.  Stay positive. Someone else’s mishaps would only bring me down. Look 👀 forward – stay focused.  In my late fathers words, “be strong, you can do this” is all I focused on.

Then the shit hit the fan.

Author: Juicy'sJourneyThroughCancer

Having been diagnosed with Cancer recently, not feeling great & not having worked in 6 months I decided to share my story. I've worked selling real estate for 30+ years. Kept myself busy at all times. Now I spend my days recuperating and looking forward to closing this chapter in my life. I know. I still have a ways to go, but a God willing I will get there.

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